Darren Ball

In 2011, after achieving the rank of Fudoshin Master, the rank of 5th Dan, and being awarded the title of Shihan (Model Teacher), Darren Ball formed the Yamagawa Budo in Melbourne, an official branch of the Fudoshin Ryu. Darren was on the mat, training in classes from 3 years old. Since that time, he has […]


Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is a Japanese koto (zither) performer and teacher based in Melbourne. He has acquired both classical and contemporary repertoire, and also collaborates with musicians of various musical and cultural background. Apprenticed to the legendary Kazue Sawai in Tokyo, he ranked 2nd in Japan for the Sawai Koto School’s instructor’s examination. Since returning, he […]


Kenny Chan

Since 2003, Kenny Chan has been running around Australia spreading the love of Manga, the Japanese style of comic drawing. He has worked as a freelance artist and animator in comics, animation, video games and movies, and is also a fully registered teacher. Kenny has run over a thousand manga drawing workshops at schools, festivals […]


Jamel Singh & Dheeraj Shrestha

Jamel Kaur Singh studied Classical South Indian, Barathanatium Dance since the age of 6 and has travelled to Singapore to further her studies in North Indian Kathak dance and Classical Indian vocal music and tabla. Her upbringing in Punjabi folk dance, Bhangra, and interest in modern forms of dance such as hip-hop and Latin allows […]


Anne Norman & Toshi Sakamoto

Toshinori Sakamoto is a master TAIKO drummer. He has founded RINDO DAIKO in Kyushu as well as several Taiko teams in Melbourne since settling here in ’95. He performs regularly in Festivals and schools throughout Australia and Japan. Anne Norman is a highly acclaimed musician and composer who took up the shakuhachi in 1986 while […]


Toshi Sakamoto & Noriko Tadano

Toshinori Sakamoto is an experienced and acclaimed Taiko Master. He founded RINDO DAIKO in Kyushu as well as several Taiko teams in Melbourne since settling here in 1995. Noriko Tadano is an exceptional Shamisen player and singer currently gaining national and international recognition for her craft. Toshi & Noriko perform together in Wa-sa-bi, and are […]


Singh Sisters

The three Singh sisters, Jamel, Harsel and Parvyn, were brought up dancing and singing on stage with their father Dya Singh. They have travelled around the world and bring their excitement and experience to each performance. Presentations and performances are available either solo or duo (two of the three sisters, or one accompanied by a […]


Anne Norman

Anne Norman is a master musician, composer and shakuhachi player who regularly performs in concert halls, festivals and schools both as a soloist and in collaboration with a diverse range of musicians throughout Australia and overseas. From traditional and contemporary art music, to cross-over world fusion and free-form improv with musicians of various cultural heritages, […]


George Kamikawa & Noriko Tadano

George Kamikawa is an extraordinary blues singer and guitarist with amazing talent and Nashville style – but wait a second, he’s Japanese! And hold on, is that a banjo? No, it’s a Japanese Shamisen played with incredible skill by Noriko Tadano, one of Japan’s award winning Shamisen players. George and Noriko’s funky, energetic, exciting performances […]


Alison Lloyd

Alison Lloyd loves history and stories. Her writing and presentations contain a strong element of both. Several of her books have been shortlisted for Children’s Book Council and children’s choice awards, including Wicked Warriors and Evil Emperors, and Do You Dare? The Bushranger’s Boys, 1841. She also wrote the Letty books for the widely-loved Our […]