Darren Ball


In 2011, after achieving the rank of Fudoshin Master, the rank of 5th Dan, and being awarded the title of Shihan (Model Teacher), Darren Ball formed the Yamagawa Budo in Melbourne, an official branch of the Fudoshin Ryu.

Darren was on the mat, training in classes from 3 years old. Since that time, he has grown up in the Martial Arts, attending training seminars, workshops, camps, classes and international trips. He was apprenticed to his father Tony Ball for 32 years.

Darren has travelled to Japan and the U.K. many times. On his recent visit to Kyoto, he was honoured by training with many high ranking masters in jujutsu, battojutsu, iaido, karate-do and judo. He also trained directly under Ishikawa Sensei of Morinaga-ha Toyama Ryu and other senior masters in and around Kyoto.

He now returns to Japan annually to further his training and understanding of traditional Japanese Martial Arts and Buddhism.


Fudoshin Martial Arts

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The Fudoshin Ryu is a system of training within an integrated curriculum that spans Jujutsu, Judo, Karate, Aikido and weaponry.

Darren is an employee of the Department of Education (Victoria) and facilitates various personal development programs in schools and community groups. These programs, many of which are of his own innovation, specifically target social and emotional learning, life skills and applied philosophy.

He is an avid practitioner of Zazen, Yoga and Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) in conjunction with his Martial Arts studies.