Kenny Chan


Kenny Chan is a registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of Education, and has been running classes in the Japanese manga comic form around Victoria for 15 years. He has previously worked as a freelance artist and animator in comics, video games and movies.


Manga Artist

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Artist Kenny Chan shows you how to draw manga! Either manga-style faces that will convey emotion through character expressions, or mechas in the Super Robot style. Kenny, a renowned manga artist, teaches the nuances of each line in perfecting the drawing of manga as well as the use of manga in Japan.

Suitable for Prep to Year 12

Workshops are tailored to the age groups. Manga can be more complex and contextualized for older year levels. For Prep – 2 students, Kenny will focus on the simpler Chibi characters.


Wonderful. Excellent student response, great that we got to try out drawing the different characters.  Kenny showed the students some great techniques to use when drawing.– Boort District School