Kenny Chan


Since 2003, Kenny Chan has been running around Australia spreading the love of Manga, the Japanese style of comic drawing. He has worked as a freelance artist and animator in comics, animation, video games and movies, and is also a fully registered teacher.

Kenny has run over a thousand manga drawing workshops at schools, festivals and libraries over 20 years. Japanese language can also be included – if requested, basic Manga classes can be conducted entirely in Japanese.


Manga Drawing

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Kenny teaches a quick and simple way to draw original characters in a Japanese comic style.

Students will learn tricks to adding personality and humour to their drawings. Along the way they’ll also pick up some interesting cultural nuances and observation skills.

Either manga-style faces that will convey emotion through character expressions, or mechas in the Super Robot style. Kenny, a renowned manga artist, teaches the nuances of each line in perfecting the drawing of manga as well as the use of manga in Japan.

Suitable for Prep to Year 12. Simplified lesson available for Preps, Year 1 & Year 2.

Workshops are tailored to the age groups. Manga can be more complex and contextualized for older year levels. For Prep – 2 students, Kenny will focus on the simpler Chibi characters.


Wonderful. Excellent student response, great that we got to try out drawing the different characters.  Kenny showed the students some great techniques to use when drawing.– Boort District School

Comic Panelling Basics

  • Secondary

Kenny teaches how to lead the eyes using pictures and text. Ever wondered why characters in most media face a particular direction? What makes a comic easy to read?

Kenny reveals simple tips to make the reader feel like they are a part of the story.

Best suited for secondary and above.