Anne Norman


Anne Norman is a master musician, composer and shakuhachi player who regularly performs in concert halls, festivals and schools both as a soloist and in collaboration with a diverse range of musicians throughout Australia and overseas.

From traditional and contemporary art music, to cross-over world fusion and free-form improv with musicians of various cultural heritages, Anne has performed in Australia, Japan, America and Europe. Following flute studies at Melbourne University, she studied three lineages of shakuhachi in Japan, culminating in studies at Tokyo University of the Arts. Anne is featured on many CDs and film sound tracks.

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Kasa Jizo and the Wonderful Hat Song

  • Primary

Following the enormous success of Anne’s solo show O-Musubi Kororin: Riceball Tumble tumbling, Anne once again brings to children across Australia her take on an old Japanese folk tale.

Combining story-telling with music making, and projected images, this is 50 minutes of hilarious fun and learning.

Kasa Jizo and the Wonderful Hat Song is a story about spending New Year with the grandparents, maintaining cheerfulness in a difficult situation, and a spirit of generosity towards others. This heartwarming tale will get you singing along!

This show is ideal for schools teaching Japanese and a guaranteed hit for schools focusing on literature, cultural studies and music. This hands-on interactive show involves the children in making music using Japanese instruments and punctuating the story with sound effects. A small amount of Japanese vocabulary is taught within the show, and kids pick up the vocab whether they have a Japanese teacher at their school or not!

“This amazing, interactive performance had the students completely engrossed. Anne’s creativity, musical ability and Japanese language skills are outstanding.”
Greenmount PS, VIC

O-Musubi Kororin Riceball Tumble Tumbling

  • Primary

An adventure Fairy Tale with a kind old man, treasure, singing mice, greed and a mystery ending…

A unique hands-on and interactive performance. Anne narrates this much-loved Japanese folk tale in rhyming English with Japanese vocab scattered throughout. Beautiful drawings aid in the enjoyment, and students sing, dance and play traditional Japanese instruments in accompaniment to this cautionary tale of greed and its consequences.

Ideal for schools studying Japanese, and is well received in non-Japanese schools.

Anne Norman is a much sort after musician and composer who plays the shakuhachi, yokobue and taiko.

“Funny, absolutely fabulous, fantastic, excellent, superb & finally AWESOME. The students were mesmerised as their teacher. Such an interactive teaching tool.”
St Pius X PS, QLD

Japanese Music

  • Kinder
  • Primary
  • Secondary

Hands on… energetic… infectious!

Anne shares her enthusiasm for Japanese music, language & culture in a fun and highly engaging presentation.

Students come away fired up about music, with a greater understanding of Japan, both culturally and historically.

Instruments included in Anne’s presentation are: shakuhachi (end blown bamboo flute), koto (13 string zither), fue (flute), taiko (drum) and various small percussion.

Rabbit Moon

  • Kinder
  • Primary

In this show ideal for Prep to Grade 2, Anne shares her enthusiasm for Japanese music, language & culture in a fun and highly engaging presentation using a bilingual action song and various instruments. Students come away fired up with a splattering of Japanese vocab, a song in their heads and the excitement of having played instruments they have never seen before to make music together.

Instruments in Anne’s presentation are: shakuhachi (bamboo flute), koto (13 string zither), taiko (drum) and various bells & small percussion.

Rabbit Moon - for KINDERGARTENS

  • Kinder