Elio Simonetti


Elio is the only Australian magician to have been personally invited to perform for The British Monarchy, The President of Italy, and Australian Dignitaries.

His dynamic approach is hallmarked by a European bravado that is bursting with vibrance and a wonderfully infectious enthusiasm.

He has flummoxed audiences throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK.

Now it’s your turn!


Mago Italiano

  • Primary
  • Festivals

Elio Simonetti presents Mago Italiano, a kaleidoscope of dazzling wonders, with the primary goal of igniting children’s imaginations and engaging curious young minds.

The highly visual magic is meticulously choreographed to music and delivered with an energetic flair, unseen anywhere else.

Simple Italian phrases and cultural references are expertly sprinkled throughout the performance, just like stardust.

This is an experience that students will long remember, even after the final curtain.

This exciting performance runs for a jam-packed 45 minutes

Developed to connect with children from Prep to Year 6.

Self-contained with an elegant backdrop, built-in dressing room and sound system.

An indoor performance space 5 metres wide by 4 metres deep with access to a power point. It couldn’t be any easier!

90 minutes to set up; 60 minutes to pack down. For multiple performances, 45 minutes between shows to reset the marvels.

Secrets of Sorcery - Show & Workshop

  • Primary
  • Festivals

An engaging magic show and workshop developed especially for primary schools, by master of hocus pocus Elio Simonetti.

The classics of conjuring that have enthralled audiences for generations, all delivered with an energetic gusto and flair that is impossible to resist.

Elio grants an exclusive behind-the-scenes pass to the secretive world of wizardry, and teaches some easy but astonishing mysteries that anybody can perform with a little practice.

Mastering these simple tricks boosts children’s self-confidence, and leaves them with a positive sense of achievement.

Literacy, numeracy and art are creatively woven into the programme, along with character-building essentials such as persistence, resilience and respect.

You’re given beautifully written and illustrated worksheets explaining the tricks that are taught in detail.
An effective way to encourage the concept of learning through reading.

This briskly-paced show and workshop lasts for 45 minutes.

Designed to inspire children from Prep to Year 6. Ideal for up to 120 students per session. A different workshop is presented for lower, middle, and upper primary.

Self-contained with an attractive backdrop and dressing room.

An indoor performance space of 4 metres wide by 3 metres deep. We’ve kept it simple

60 minutes to set up; 45 minutes to pack down. For multiple performances, 30 minutes break between shows to reset wonders.