Brandon Lee


Brandon Lee is a Japanese koto (zither) performer and teacher based in Melbourne. He has acquired both classical and contemporary repertoire, and also collaborates with musicians of various musical and cultural background. Apprenticed to the legendary Kazue Sawai in Tokyo, he ranked 2nd in Japan for the Sawai Koto School’s instructor’s examination. Since returning, he has been actively performing and teaching. He has performed across Australia, Japan, and America.

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Japanese Koto Workshop

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Brandon’s school workshops introduce Japan’s national instrument, the koto, to students. Starting off with a short performance, students are then involved in an interactive explanation of the instrument.

Students will all have a chance in trying to play this unique instrument.

At the end of the workshop, students will have gained a greater understanding of this instrument, as well as having learnt about Japanese culture and music! Not to mention, they’ll all walk away with the satisfaction that they’ve managed to play a tune on the koto!

Suitability: Prep – Year 12                 Audience Size: maximum 75 students

Duration: 45-50 minutes                               Per Day: maximum 4 sessions

Cost: $6.00 per student +GST                       Minimum per visit: $780.00 +GST (plus travel for regional)

Brandon can also do 20-30 minute performances (no workshops). Please enquire regarding cost.