Anne Norman & Toshi Sakamoto


Toshinori Sakamoto is a master TAIKO drummer. He has founded RINDO DAIKO in Kyushu as well as several Taiko teams in Melbourne since settling here in ’95. He performs regularly in Festivals and schools throughout
Australia and Japan.

Anne Norman is a highly acclaimed musician and composer who took up the shakuhachi in 1986 while living and teaching in Japan. She also plays yokobue and taiko. Anne performs in music/dance theatre productions, solo recitals, world fusion combinations as well as teaching and working as an artist in schools. She has released many CDs, and her shakuhachi music is regularly featured on ABC radio.



Taiko Drums & Flutes of Japan

  • Kinder
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Festivals

What is the sound of one hand clapping? NOTHING LIKE THIS!!

This highly energetic, visually exciting and entertaining Japanese music performance incorporates performance and audience participation to give students a greater understanding of Japan, both culturally and historically.

Instruments include shakuhachi and fue (flutes), taiko (drums of various sizes) and a variety of other percussion instruments. Students get to join in with both the drumming and songs. Japanese language can be included for schools who teach Japanese.

Both Anne and Toshi are also available to perform solo shows or workshops; Toshi also performs with Noriko Tadano in Wasabi.

“Unbelievable, a fantastic show that gave me goosebumps- a show not to be missed.”
St Joan of Arc PS