Rosanna Maccarrone

Rosanna is a natural born entertainer and performer, and a professional international magician of 24 years. She specialises in improvised performing & ukulele. Rosanna has travelled across the world performing in many countries including the USA, Europe and all over Australasia. Rosanna was a star performer of the World Children’s Theatre Festival, performing for 7 […]


Terry Cole & Patrick Bath

Pat Bath and Terry Cole are accomplished writers, actors, comedians, musicians and circus performers.  They have been performing nationally and internationally for 15 years and in that time have developed an enormous range of skills to supplement their easy, instinctive humour and on-stage rapport. Terry and Patrick also offer other performances and workshops separately – […]


Terry Cole

Terry Cole is an accomplished actor, director, musician, circus performer and inspirational workshop leader.  His sessions are funny, action-packed, confidence building, life-changing events. Where he’s been: • World Expo, Brisbane; • Australia Festival, Istanbul; • Fruit Fly 10th Anniversary Circus; • Robertson’s Circus; • Teacher – Circus Skills & Improvisation, Ballarat University • Lecturer in […]


Richard Scholes

Richard Scholes is a multi-award winning entertainer, scientist and teacher. Richard’s life has been a unique blend of academic life and performing arts. Richard has a Bachelor of Education and has also won Australian Stage Magician of the Year and twice won Queensland Entertainer of the Year. He has studied mime, mask and commedia in […]


Sam Angelico & Rosanna Maccarrone

Regarded as one of the world’s greatest magicians, Sam Angelico won one of the highest accolades awarded to a magician with the title of “World Champion of Comedy Magic” in Madrid in 1985. Sam Angelico elevates magic into an art form. His magic evolves naturally from the character he creates. Part clown, part mime and part […]


Bigbuzz Productions

Patrick Bath is a writer, director, actor and musician who has worked professionally world wide for nearly twenty-five years. Ten of those with the Melbourne cult band The Dead salesmen. He co-created and performs in the Dirty Brothers critically acclaimed Dark Party that has performed at The National theatre London, sold out the Sydney Opera […]



Raw Acrobatic talent in the spirit of Africa! The ZimboyZ dazzle with their zest for fun, energy and cheeky sense of humour. They are regular performers at Jupitor’s Casino on the Gold Coast, The Adelaide Royal Show, and Circus Quirkus. Abiy is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and he began as a gymnast at the age […]



Consummate performer Christof!! has a number of entertaining and educational shows which combine his multilingual talents with his outstanding physical and comic skills, and his experience as a drama teacher, actor, writer and TV presenter. Himself a product of a German/Australian family, Christof!! was brought up in the rich environment of 1950’s urban Melbourne. After […]