Raw Acrobatic talent in the spirit of Africa!

The ZimboyZ dazzle with their zest for fun, energy and cheeky sense of humour. They are regular performers at Jupitor’s Casino on the Gold Coast, The Adelaide Royal Show, and Circus Quirkus.

Abiy is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and he began as a gymnast at the age of 11. He has performed in Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and New Zealand.

Vusa is from Harere in Zimbabwe and he has loved acrobatics since he was 8 years old. He performed around Africa with his brothers in a group called the Zimbabwe Brothers before moving to Australia in 1997.

Hassan is the third of the energetic, exciting and talented acrobats. He has an infectious smile and his everlasting energy and humour leaves students always wanting more!

Daring, thrilling and breathtaking by nature!




  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Festivals

The Zimboys consists of Abiy, Vusa & Hassan; two of the three will perform in the school show.

Routines include hoop diving, human pyramids, chair balancing, fire hoops*, dance and amazing tumbling!

Performance area: 4 metres by 6 metres. Ceiling height: 6m or higher.
Zimboyz are able to perform indoors or outdoors.
*fire hoops are at school’s discretion.


“Absolutely gobsmacked by it, thought it was amazing! Students were in awe of them. A number of often disengaged students were drawn in the whole time. Engaging, funny, talented and skillful performance.” Marlo Primary School