Showko is a professional Rakugo performer. Based in London, Osaka, Singapore and now Melbourne, she has appeared regularly on TV and Radio and performs internationally in theatres and festivals such as the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe, Norwich Puppet Festival UK, Little Angel Theatre London, and the National Bunraku Puppet Theatre and Hanjotei […]


Terry Cole & Patrick Bath

Pat Bath and Terry Cole are accomplished writers, actors, comedians, musicians and circus performers.  They have been performing nationally and internationally for 15 years and in that time have developed an enormous range of skills to supplement their easy, instinctive humour and on-stage rapport. Terry and Patrick also offer other performances and workshops separately – […]


Oliver Phommavanh

Oliver Phommavanh is a fresh and positive voice for multiculturalism. He’s Aussie born and bred, but comes from a Thai/Laotian background. His first book Thai-Riffic! was published by Penguin in 2010 (with sequel Thai-No-Mite following in 2012). His second book, Con-Nerd, was released in June 2011, and Punchlines in 2012. Stuff Happens: Ethan was published […]


Brian Nankervis

Brian is a performer, writer and producer. A primary teacher who become a waiter at theatre restaurant, The Last Laugh… then a writer/performer on hospital soap opera ‘Let The Blood Run Free’… and a tortured street poet Raymond J Bartholomeuz, a regular on ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’. Brian regularly performs his one-hour poetry show in […]


Sean Choolburra

Sean Choolburra is a charismatic, vibrant and captivating performer. Fuse his engaging energy, alongside historical facts, spiritual wisdom, depth of ancestral understanding and knowledge and you have one very exciting and talented cultural ambassador. Cheeky, clever and charismatic, Sean Choolburra has carved his niche as Australia’s No 1 indigenous entertainer. Weaving his inimitable blend of […]



Consummate performer Christof!! has a number of entertaining and educational shows which combine his multilingual talents with his outstanding physical and comic skills, and his experience as a drama teacher, actor, writer and TV presenter. Himself a product of a German/Australian family, Christof!! was brought up in the rich environment of 1950’s urban Melbourne. After […]