Brian Nankervis


Brian is a performer, writer and producer. A primary teacher who become a waiter at theatre restaurant, The Last Laugh… then a writer/performer on hospital soap opera ‘Let The Blood Run Free’… and a tortured street poet Raymond J Bartholomeuz, a regular on ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’. Brian regularly performs his one-hour poetry show in schools.

Currently Brian co-hosts The Friday Revue with Richelle Hunt on 774 ABC Melbourne. For the last eleven years, Brian has been writing, producing and co-hosting the SBS music quiz show, ‘RocKwiz’. Brian does studio warm ups for television shows, contributes to The Age, and radio, including 774 ABC Melbourne and RRR. He is an experienced MC for a wide variety of public events and corporate functions.


Raymond J Bartholomeuz - Performance Poet

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Brian Nankervis stormed the set of “Hey Hey, It’s Saturday” in 1986 with the character of Raymond J Bartholemeuz.

He has since continued to perform his verse on TV, radio, with bands, in theatres, comedy venues and schools. Raymond has published a book of poems “Too many Crayfish Not Enough Brains” (McPhee Cribble, Penguin).

His poems are hilarious, passionate, satirical and sometimes unexpectedly poignant. He writes about lost love, new love, broken hearts and spas. Politics, sport, religion and the baths. Lady Di, Bart Simpson, school bullies and Uncle Eric the dentist from hell.

A 50 minute presentation from Raymond includes information and anecdotes about a wide range of professional media experiences (utilising video highlights if appropriate), a group poetry writing exercise and a question & answer session.

“Fantastic! Loved his humour, personality and poems. Really enjoyed his performance especially the way he integrated the students.”
Mount Waverley North PS, VIC


  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Festivals

⇒ Brian puts the FUN in Staff Functions!
⇒ Motivational speeches, Careers etc.
⇒ Launching special events such as Graduations, Literature Festivals, Arts Weeks etc.
⇒ Can be tailored specifically for your event