Justine Sless


Justine has taught, researched, produced, and performed stand-up comedy since 2007. She has performed and taught comedy to a diverse range of clients, nationally and internationally.

Justine’s writing has appeared in Jewish Women of Words, Funny Women, in short story anthologies and academic journals, and her MA thesis Mistress of Mirth’s COMEDY Tour was published as a book by Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Justine teaches comedy workshops and creative writing to adults and children. She is also a highly skilled community development worker, with over 20 years experience working in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Melbourne. She combines her practice as a community development worker, and comedian teaching comedy, with tools and techniques that empower, and utilise the power of comedy as a tool for social change.


Comedy Writing Workshop – Written & Performance

  • Primary
  • Secondary


Year levels: Grade 4 – Year 12

● Understand what makes us laugh and why

● Learn three basics of joke writing techniques

● Watch/deconstruct three you tube clips of diverse comedians and writers

● Write and or perform jokes and short stories using joke writing techniques


Requirements – Duration – Class Sizes

● Some written work is required from students; this can be done as individuals or in small groups.

● Suggested class size: up to 60 students

● Suggested time: 90 minutes for comedy writing workshop with performance outcome

Please note that large class sizes will limit opportunity for all students to perform



● Learn and apply two to three simple joke writing techniques and/or write a short story with a funny outcome

● Learn and apply basic performance techniques(Comedy Writing with a Performance Outcome)

● Participants learn how to manage fear, performance techniques that can enhance confidence and a sense of wellbeing, and an understanding of how to own a space and engage an audience.


Technical requirements

Projector with audio visual; Whiteboard, whiteboard markers

For workshop with performance, microphone with stand and amp (facilitator can provide on request)