Driven by Alana’s wild violin, chased by accordion and double bass, Vardos have been performing in Australia and internationally for over ten years.

Vardos learnt to play this beautiful music in Hungarian folk music schools and remote Transylvanian villages. They have also learnt irresistible songs and infectious dances which are energetic and fun. Alana tells hilarious tales relating to the music and culture and three-day weddings of Eastern Europe and introduces unusual traditional instruments.


Wild Gypsy Music

  • Kinder
  • Primary
  • Secondary

– Introductory music (violin, accordion, double bass, voice)

– Explanation of how cultural stories and traditions play a big part in the music

– Traditional lost sheep story and song

– Introduction of tradition of learning from Romany (Gypsy) master musicians & demonstration of traits which are handed down in specific regions of the music

– This leads to the introduction of the bracsa (3 stringed viola), and musical demonstration

– Importance of hierarchy in Eastern European bands, how the rhythms work, demonstration

– Participatory follow and lead clapping piece

– Link between music and dance, celebrations at which this music and dancing happens

– Participatory dance where they learn specific folk dance (can be done in a seated area)

– Discussion about the volume of the music pre-amplification

– Demonstration of the ‘trumpet violin’

– Discussion of singing technique so that the voice can carry without amplification

– Participatory song where the students learn lyrics in Romany (Gypsy) language

– Question time

Throughout the show there is further interaction with the students, e.g. what do you think these bass strings are made of? (sheep’s guts), more information where necessary about Eastern European and Gypsy culture, and our travels. We can leave the teacher/s with a printed score of the song and lyrics which are taught.

“Wonderful. This was an outstanding performance by talented musicians. There was so much energy and conviction and passion in the performance.”

Tintern Schools, VIC