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Terry Cole


Terry Cole is an accomplished actor, director, musician, circus performer and inspirational workshop leader.  His sessions are funny, action-packed, confidence building, life-changing events.

Where he’s been:
• World Expo, Brisbane;
• Australia Festival, Istanbul;
• Fruit Fly 10th Anniversary Circus;
• Robertson’s Circus;
• Teacher – Circus Skills & Improvisation, Ballarat University
• Lecturer in Circus Skills & Clowning, Gordon Institute
• School shows and Residencies, Festivals and
• Theatres Australia-wide.


Circus in a Suitcase (Solo)

  • Kinder
  • Primary
  • Festivals

Circus in a Suitcase is a tight, spectacular, highly skilled and very, very funny circus show containing:

• Masterful juggling with some surprising objects;
• Unicycle, diabolo, and acrobatic stunts;
• Some pure contemporary clowning with the world’s squeakiest clowns, the Pipsqueaks.
• A towering double finale featuring a tall unicycle and equally lofty stilts;
• Continuous comedy
• And, as always, the trademark live music.


“I loved your show! I want to become a comedian like you when I finish school.”
Lake Trowbridge

Circus Skills Workshops

  • Primary

A hands on, feet on, skill acquisition fest as children are inducted into the once secretive and elite world of circus.

Not only will the children safely gain new skills in balance and manipulation, they will be empowered by them and know how to improve these skills and acquire others.

Most importantly of all though, the workshop sessions are enormous fun for students and teachers alike!

  • Learn to juggle balls, scarves and rings
  • Fly the Chinese spinning top, the Diabolo
  • Spin a plate on a stick, balance it
  • Balance a feather or broomstick
  • Balance on a rolla bolla
  • Control the Chinese devil sticks
  • Walk tall on circus stilts
  • Learn acrobatic balances and pyramids


Terry can do a single day of workshops just for fun, a week-long residency where he creates a full circus show performed by your students – or pretty much anything in between!

“A triumphal success! Everyone is raving! Your circus skills programme is the best thing I have ever been involved with in 23 years of teaching.”
St Catherine