Philip Wilcox


Philip Wilcox is the 2015/16 Australian Poetry Slam Champion and two time NSW Poetry Slam Champion. He has performed at the Sydney Opera House and literary festivals both nationally and internationally. His debut collection of poems Beetle Prayer is due to be released soon.


Performances & Workshops

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Young and talented Philip Wilcox delivers performances of spoken word poetry with a wit and power that enthral and delight. He challenges audiences with a mix of humour and social insight that steers clear of the didactic or prescriptive. He threads stories, jokes and modern day myths about growing up in suburbia with an arsenal of poems – some sublime, some ridiculous. The show will have audiences spellbound one minute, then suddenly laughing the next. Interwoven with visuals, musicality and storytelling, each performance has a strong component of student participation, followed by a brief Q & A session.

Philip teaches students tips and tricks to write and perform their own poetry, including demonstrations of ‘slam style’ poems and discussions about form and techniques. Students will experiment with poetic forms such as stream of consciousness, battle haikus and phrase poems to help them bring to life their stories and sharpen their means of expression. Workshops for schools can sit within the syllabus criteria for English, and tailored to the specific needs of the school.

“Philip was warm, easy-going, flexible and wonderfully willing to work to our needs. The workshop was age/stage appropriate and the students were incredibly engaged. To say that the students and staff enjoyed the workshop is an understatement. It was brilliant. We look forward to having Philip back!”
Rebecca Solomon, St Andrew’s Cathedral School