Majeda Beatty


Taking you on a journey of Australia’s First Nation dreamtime through an interactive and vibrant experience, Majeda Beatty presents both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures as well as sharing her perspective on being an indigenous millennial woman. She believes in the importance of cultural pride and carrying on past traditions as well as moving forward in a modern world.

Majeda is a Sydney based singer, actress and dancer who comes from a proud Wuthathi mother, her roots stemming from Far North Queensland and an African American father. Growing up she was taught the importance of her culture from her mother through movement, song and storytelling. At five years of age Majeda started performing in schools with her family’s cultural dance group and over the years her talents have seen her perform over a wide variety of mediums. In recent times she has become well known for her starring role in the ABC3 Drama series ‘Ready For This’.


Murri Island Girl

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Festivals

K – 6: The richness of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures will be shared in this two part, immersive performance which is tailored to the age groups of the audience through song, dance, stories and language, all with high levels of participation. The flags will be discussed and Majeda will present and demonstrate various instruments, artifacts and costumes specific to each culture as well as the importance of ochre and the significance of the body paint designs in aboriginal culture. She will perform and teach dances for audience participation.

Years 7 – 12: Similar to the above whilst providing more mature, age appropriate content. Students will learn about indigenous inventors and freedom leaders through an insightful and inclusive experience. Preconceptions will be challenged with teachings of traditions, history and even thought provoking insights into the future the First Nation communities hope for.

Tapalinga - for Kinders

  • Kinder

Pre-Primary: For the littlies, Majeda tailors a delightful programme in which the richness of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures will be shared, through the teaching and performance of songs, dances, stories and language. The presentation is entertaining, educational and participation is greatly encouraged.