John Marsden


While working as an English teacher at a school, John Marsden noticed that teenagers weren’t reading books anymore. He found it a depressing development and resolved to do something about it.


During a three week vacation he wrote “So Much to Tell You”, which became a multi-award winner and is now one of Australia’s biggest selling novels. It sent John on a career path that has seen him author over 30 bestselling books, and sell in excess of a million copies in Australia alone.


An inspirational speaker, John is one of the most popular speakers in schools and writers festival in Australia and overseas.


Talks / Workshops

  • Primary
  • Secondary


TALKS – To any size group, of any age from grade 5 upwards.
Duration: 50 minutes

Students need not have read any of John’s books as his talks range widely across topics related to language and writing. His aim is to give students lots of ideas, both practical and abstract, that will help them become better writers and readers.


WORKSHOPS – Maximum 28 students. Duration: 50 minutes.

John uses many different exercises to demonstrate the specific elements of writing that will be of immediate benefit to students. His sessions are lively, entertaining and highly motivating.



– A microphone should be available for talks.

– A blackboard or whiteboard for talks and workshops.

– All students should bring notebooks and pens to all talks and workshop sessions.