When the power of percussion meets dazzling vocal harmony in the dance of life.

A dynamic fusion of drumming, dance, percussion and soaring vocal harmonies. Three passionate, exuberant and talented performers present audiences with an exciting display of Ghanaian culture.

Odai: To see Wala’s spirited lead-vocalist Odai perform is to witness a genuine love of expression through song. He has performed as vocalist, flute player and percussionist since the age of 8 and won the prestigious National Cultural Award in Ghana in 1984

Ago: is a vital and awe-inspiring master drummer from Nungua in Southern Ghana. He describes his music as ‘soul food’ and it is impossible not to be touched by his passion and impressive talent. To see him perform is to witness a display of invigorating power and vitality

Abli: has been playing music for 17 years, joining local Teshie group ‘Gye Nyame’ when he was still in primary school as an apprentice to the master drummer! He honed his talent before joining the ‘Wassa African Ensemble’ and touring with them to Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa, France, and Italy where they featured at festivals in Catania and Canicatti.


The Spirit of Ghana

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With 15 hand-made African drums, flutes and stunning costumes, WALA engage their audiences in a call and response song, invite them to try out different instruments and to join in the dance.

Their enthusiasm is utterly contagious as they rejoice in the live sounds and rich heritage of their people.

WALA means “life” in their local language and the perfection of the name becomes clear as they explode into their breathtaking celebration of the Ghanaian Spirit.

“The best show Hampton has ever had! Amazing, awesome, great and unusual. Fantastic, fabulous, sensational, lots of fun. Outstanding!”
Hampton PS, VIC

The Spirit of Ghana (New Zealand)

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