Mandy Ord


Mandy Ord’s first graphic novel Rooftops was published in 2008, followed by her second book Sensitive Creatures, published in 2011.

Mandy’s comic stories have also been included in a variety of local and international publications, such as Meanjin, The Age A2, Voiceworks, The Australian Rationalist Magazine, The Wheeler Centre website, Trouble Magazine, SBS Cornerfold, Going Down Swinging, Tango and Inscribe Magazine.

During Mandy’s Bachelor of Arts degree, where she majored in painting, she discovered alternative comics and has passionately dedicated herself to the medium ever since. Mandy has taught comic workshops and delivered talks to schools, which have become particularly popular due to the recent popularity of comics, visual novels and illustration.


Group Presentations & Workshops

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Mandy delivers a talk focusing on her personal journey as a published cartoonist. She delves into topics ranging from comics’ unique footing as a pictorial language, to the devices used by artists to create their comic narratives. The genres within the art form are highlighted as well as an overview into the history of comics. All this complimented by an exciting visual display.

Mandy also runs workshops that cater specifically to class size and age of students. She gives a short presentation on her experience and journey as a practising cartoonist and touches on the history of comics as a storytelling art form. Over the course of the workshop she facilitates a number of exercises and demonstrations to teach the students specific tools and methods within the comic language. She teaches character design and methods that encourage the generation of stories. Her workshops are lots of fun, visually interesting and hands on.

“Mandy was fantastic; she was engaging and pitched her presentation perfectly for the Year 9 audience. Her workshops were interactive; all students felt they were able to draw at least something and each that I spoke to felt their learning in the workshops linked directly to our study of The Arrival and the creation of their own visual stories. It was such a pleasure to have Mandy come and work with our students and I hope that we can have her return again next year! Please pass onto her our thanks once again for a wonderful, informative and enjoyable day.”
K. Ham – Bialik College, VIC