Lucas Proudfoot


Lucas Proudfoot is a member of the Tweed Coast Bundjalung/South Sea Islander Community with a background in professional surfing, music and traditional Aboriginal dance. Having performed in over 25 countries worldwide & now with his education program, Circular Rhythm, Lucas has been able to merge his many talents into a one-man performance that is highly interactive and informative about Australian Indigenous cultures.

2017 also sees the publication of Lucas’s debut novel ‘Shaka Shaka Hawaii’, which tells the story of the magical international adventures of three young indigenous animal friends who love to surf and play in a band, The Proud Foots: Pat the Wombat, Koolaz Koala and Billy Blue-Tongue.


Circular Rhythm

  • Kinder
  • Primary

Circular Rhythm presents Indigenous Australian culture in a dynamic, fun and informative show. Students learn about different aspects of Australian Indigenous culture through contemporary and interactive musical performance.

Circular Rhythm is a solo performance featuring guitar, stomp box and didgeridoo plus other indigenous instruments including clap and boomerangs. The format is interactive with audience participation a key component. The songs performed in the show are all original compositions by awarded songwriter, Lucas Proudfoot.

This performance showcases modern indigenous Australia and will complement and enhance your school’s studies in:

•    Society and Environment
•    History/Culture
•    Multicultural
•    Performing Arts

Circular Rhythm is an Accredited Education program with Lucas being an ‘Australian Indigenous Education Ambassador’ with DEEWR.

“Lucas certainly delivers a dynamic and interactive one man show! His session taught the kids about their culture through dance, music and song. Lucas was amazing, the students and teachers loved his performance. He was entertaining and the students were fully engaged from start to finish. Lucas was highly professional and a very positive role model for Aboriginal students. Can’t wait to have you back!”
Amber Young, Galuwa Coordinator – Aboriginal Education & Training Directorate – Department of Education & Communities