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Tony Sowersby


Painter, Muralist, Community Artist, Comic Book Author and Illustrator.

Tony offers flexibility and the ability to tailor his workshops and murals to classroom themes. Tony has worked with young people of all ages on dozens of projects, both in and out of schools. His rapport with his audience, clear directions and simple techniques enable him to elicit creative responses in a short space of time giving students confidence in their own drawing abilities.


Workshops & Murals

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Festivals

In this workshop, students (even those who believe they have limited artistic skills) are shown how to develop characters using basic shapes and how to portray movement, emotions and funny situations.

This workshop takes students in a humorous and fast-paced way through some basic techniques that anyone can master and shows how to convey complex emotions and ideas through simple drawings.

Murals, whether permanent or temporary, provide an enriching experience for the whole school community. They give students a sense of ownership of their school, can be used as a visual representation of curriculum themes and present a positive image to the surrounding community. Successful murals need careful planning and a preliminary meeting with staff is required before the painting starts.

For some amazing images of Tony’s work, see his website

“Tony’s ability to engage children in artistic and creative activities is outstanding.”
Belvedere Park Primary School