Steve Schulz


Steve Schulz has been teaching and playing drums for over 30 years, & performing The Big Samba in schools since 1995. One of the finest musician/teachers in Victoria, Steve has studied & worked with some of the country’s most respected musicians including Jack Jones, Frank Corniola & David Jones.


The Big Samba

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Festivals

Imagine your students all joining together in an explosion of hands-on, musical teamwork. Based on Brazilian Carnival street orchestras, Steve Schulz takes a roomful of students, buckets of percussion instruments and a whole heap of energy to create The Big Samba.

Divided into five or six large groups, students are each given an instrument and each group is taught three simple rhythms using the rhythm patterns of common vernacular phrases as templates. Now here’s where the magic starts!

Using hand signals, aural cues and some remarkable discipline, Steve then leads the students in layering up these different rhythms- sometimes in unison, sometimes in complex combination, always in control!

A truly unique experience for students as they learn the discipline of working as a part of a group within a large whole. No other school show brings a student body together quite like The Big Samba.

“This man is the SAMBA KING! A true GENIUS. Simply 100% of students had a very rare experience in creating music in a huge team. Every now and then one has an experience which has its own light in our memory. This is one.”
Calista Primary, VIC

Artist in Residence

  • Kinder
  • Primary

Steve can also be an ‘Artist in Residence’, working with students for multiple days, concluding with a concert!

Steve Schulz brings along to your school loads of drums and percussion – gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, wizzy tubes, flutes and various other sounds – enough for every student to get involved! The show tours students and audience on a journey through a dynamic spectrum of sound and colour… from massive powerful drum sounds, to the tiniest bell.

Over 3, 4 or 5 days, Steve harnesses the talents of the students (dance, music, theatre, etc.), and his own unique conducting style, to bring together a 60 – 70 minute concert full of variety and sound, taking the students to a new performing level in a show that is fantastically unique!

This school concert belongs to your students – they own it.

No other school show brings a student body together quite like The Big Samba.