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Sarah Kinsella & Russell Fletcher


Husband & wife dynamic duo Russell & Sarah are world class comic performers. Their work is based on 30 years’ experience in the arts & 20+ years working on corporate/public management training & organizational development programs.

Sarah is one of the most dynamic teachers of improvisation in Australia. Since 1991, Russell has pioneered improvised performance & workshop design for leadership & team-building programs.

You will have fun. You will find new energy & potential you didn’t know you had. You’ll be inspired, & take away invaluable tips about communication, story-telling, body language & your brain.


Presentations & Workshops

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Once Improv A Time…
Duration: 1 hour for prep–3; 1.5 hours for years 4–12
Sarah and Russell, together with your students, create improvised stories. Using improvisational techniques, your students are guided to create stories using their imagination and cooperative play. During the workshop, students will have a chance to get into groups and create a number of stories. From these stories, students will be able to draw the characters onto paper and then finally perform them.

Long Form Improv – “HAROLD”
Performance Duration: 1 hour for prep–3; 1.5 hours for years 4–12
HAROLD is a long form improvisation format, often called the ‘JAZZ’ of improvisation. One word from the audience sparks an hour of stories that are interwoven into a collaborative performance piece.

Advanced Improvisational Workshops for Senior Students

Improvisation – Collaboration
Duration: 1.5 hours
Sarah and Russell use improvisational exercises and games that will have your students up and moving. This workshop is designed to reinforce effective communication, including active listening, positive body language, presentation skills and cooperation.
Aimed at students who have some improvisational training, and are looking to further develop their improvisational skills, scripts, performance training and group development.

Genre Improvisational Workshop
Duration: 1.5 hours
In this workshop Sarah and Russell perform and repeat excerpts from plays and well known texts to demonstrate the power of genre, providing students with valuable tools on creating, devising and performing. The workshop involves improvisational exercises and games that will have your students up on their feet, exploring the use of genre on text. It can be adapted to use with school performances in development or rehearsal period.

“Excellent. I was very pleased with how well Sarah and Russell addressed our brief of storytelling through improvisation. They are both warm, supportive and engaging personalities with vast experience. Their role plays were energetic, hilarious and gave the boys great insights into what was expected of them. Russell and Sarah altered their program delivery according to the student response and the groups responded very positively. The groups of boys were enthusiastic and fully engaged. They handled the boys very well as a group providing clear expectations and directions. They gave great personal feedback to individuals at the end of each session. The feedback from the boys was very affirming – they had fun but felt they had learned lots from very experienced instructors. I can highly recommend them.”
Peter Hillman, Scotch College