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Sarah Kinsella and Brenna Dixon


Sarah Kinsella and Brenna Dixon weave magical props and costumes, stories and ideas, together with the audience’s suggestions and participation, to create a show that will inspire and delight!

Sarah Kinsella is one of the funniest performers and most dynamic teachers of improvisation in Australia. She has worked with top improvisation companies in Australia, North America and Europe – notably with “guru” of improvisation, Keith Johnstone. Sarah recently appeared in “WATSON: WHO’S AFRAID OF THE DARK?”, which won Best Comedy in Melbourne Fringe and played to sold out audiences at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Brenna Dixon is an improvisational theatre performer, director, actor and teacher. An ensemble member of Impro Melbourne, Brenna is also Artistic Director of Soothplayers, an improvisational theatre company inspired by the themes and language of William Shakespeare. She teaches in Melbourne and has toured regionally teaching storytelling and improvisation workshops for schools.


Heroes & Villains!

  • Kinder
  • Primary

Sarah and Brenna improvise brand new stories on the spot. But they can’t do this alone! Calling all story-tellers! Help us!

Will their stories have Kings and Queens? Aliens? Fairies? Super Heroes? Wizards? Unicorns? Spies? Pirates?

You decide!

YOU push them to create whatever your imagination and story-telling skill desires…

Together we will create the greatest story ever told!

Witches, Giants, Peaches & Twits!

  • Kinder
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Festivals

Roald Dahl’s genius comes to life on stage through the pure imagination of awardwinning performers Sarah Kinsella and Brenna Dixon.

The show is filled with vivid scenes of your favourite Dahl characters: Gremlins, Witches, Twits & Foxes, Giants & Giant Preaches, Willie Wonka & Charlie Bucket, Matilda & Trunchbull, Bogtrotter and Gloop, Ghosts & Crocodiles, Dirty Beasts, heroes and villains of all shapes and sizes flash across the stage.

Twists and turns, surprises, jokes, revolting rhymes – all inspired by the imaginative genius of Dahl – brought to life by the award-winning improvisation skills of our talented performers.

The grand finale will be the creation of a new Roald Dahl-inspired character and story, dressed and named by the audience, using invented words and scenarios created from the audience’s pure imagination.

Every show will be completely new! Don’t miss out!!