Rosanna Maccarrone


Rosanna is a natural born entertainer and performer, and a professional international magician of 24 years. She specialises in improvised performing & ukulele.

Rosanna has travelled across the world performing in many countries including the USA, Europe and all over Australasia. Rosanna was a star performer of the World Children’s Theatre Festival, performing for 7 weeks on the main stage of the Ilan Expo in Taiwan. She has also performed at the World International Magic Festival in Genting, Malaysia, Beijing & Bangkok. Her work has taken her to Mumbai India performing for the Governor General of Australia and dignitaries and families, as well as entertaining at Mumbai’s “Little Miss India” and in Mumbai’s childrens hospitals.

For 15 years Rosanna worked for the Humour Foundation as a professional “Clown Doctor”. She was one of 55 hand-picked performers, Australia wide. Rosanna entertained in all areas of the Hospitals (except the Operating Theatre!). She worked supporting medical staff and engaging children during minor medical procedures, her memorable performances creating joy and happiness for children who were bed bound.  She’s performed in countless library shows, festivals, and in-school performances in New Zealand and in states across Australia.

Rosanna also performs in schools and theatres with partner magician Sam Angelico – click here to view information about their shows.


Rosanna and her Magical Tree

  • Kinder

This delightful magical, musical show, will keep children completely mesmerized and thoroughly entertained. Rosanna’s wonderful magic tricks, and sing-along music on her ukulele, will have them singing all the way home.

From beginning to end, the children are engaged in storytelling about a magical tree. This tree produces the most curious of fruits. It even makes appear a pair of magical boots. Inside they’ll see a delightful talking bee, which teaches children much about the lovely tree.

The children will also see a table floating in front of their very eyes and a child’s secret drawing, only seen by the audience, will disappear and magically reappearing inside the middle of an orange… and there’s much, much more.

The performance is highly interactive as the story unfolds and wondrous objects are produced from this enchanting tree. She also teaches children about tree conservation too. The magic is truly delightful and visual, with lots of funny, memorable moments, they’ll treasure long after.

Rosanna delivers 45 minute of fun, funny and mesmerizing magic. She never fails to stir the imagination of wonder and excitement in each child, no matter their age.