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Heath McKenzie


Heath McKenzie is a best selling author and illustrator (successfully authoring for a couple of years now but illustrating professionally for over ten years… so he prefers to talk about drawing as he’s fairly sure he’s got the hang of that a bit more than the writing stuff…!)

He’s illustrated picture books, chapter books, YA covers, numerous advertising campaigns, bits and pieces for The Age newspaper and The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge, storyboarded an ad or two, a comic book or…5(?) and once, a spot of live TV drawing (on ABC TV’s ‘Adam Hills Tonight’ and Network 9’s Kid’s WB).

He has written and illustrated ‘What Do Werewolves Do When It’s Not Halloween?’, ‘I Wanna Be a Pretty Princess’, and ‘What Does Santa Do When It’s Not Christmas?’ with Scholastic along with ‘The Aussie A-Z’ and ‘The Aussie Twelve Days of Christmas’with Black Dog Books… to name a few!

He’s also illustrated the runaway success that is Andy Lee’s ‘Do Not Open This Book’ along with soccer superstar Tim Cahill’s ‘Tiny Timmy’ series ,‘Crawf’s Kick It To Nick’, several Nerdy Ninjas, ‘The Littlest Bushranger’, two adventures with an orange cat called ’Marmalade’, a number of Adam Wallace picture books (along with his charming ‘Better Out Than In’ series); Cockys who cried “Dingo!”, Emus laying Golden Eggs, and an alphabet of Pirates, Fairies and little Aussie animals… to name a few more!

Fortunately, his website details a vast majority of his books and ‘non-book’ work too!


Illustration Workshop

  • Primary

DURING A SCHOOL SESSION: Heath will demonstrate how he works (digitally with a drawing tablet!) and will discuss the key components of illustrating a book – including character design (and the epic amount of storytelling that one task involves) and then, illustrating the text! More importantly though – illustrating BEYOND the text!

All the tools required for creating interesting, entertaining and unexpected illustrations are covered in Heath’s sessions. Along the way, he’ll also offer the odd tip and trick for drawing too…nevertheless always maintaining the important idea that there’s actually no right or wrong way to draw!

“Excellent. They were totally engaged and loved seeing Heath’s work.”
St Leonard