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You may have seen World Famous Magician Cosentino on Australia’s Got Talent, or when he won Dancing with the Stars, or watched his TV shows which were broadcast world wide. Or you may have attended one of his Theatre Spectaculars.

Cosentino grew up in Melbourne as a shy young boy with learning difficulties, teased and isolated; yet he has gone on to become one of Australia’s most acclaimed entertainers – indeed one of the worlds greatest magicians, with an international reputation as winner of the Merlin Award 2013.

His unique story is now a best selling book by Harper Collins, ‘Anything is Possible’, and he is in great demand as an inspirational speaker in the corporate world.


School of Magic - Online Learning Program

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Are you looking for something different to inspire curious minds?

Does your remote home learning program engage students to find their passion?


Have you ever asked if you students want to learn magic to entertain, impress and amaze?

Now you can!


In this 40min online learning program designed for all ages and skill levels, Cosentino will share 20 years of professional performance experience teaching students fun, educational and amazing magic tricks using everyday household items.


Every program is bespoke with customized introduction and conclusion suited to each school’s specific needs and wants.

The pre-recorded program will be hosted securely online for a 2 week period so teachers and students can access it at any time and learn at their own pace.


The program will work in the following manner:

Cosentino will first perform and present each magic illusion as it would appear live on stage or within one of his television shows. He will then take students step by step through the secret, technique and method to the effect. With the use of procedural texts, students receive hands on activities that stimulate metacognition, learn sleight of hand techniques that enhance their dexterity and fine motor skill as well as presentation, showmanship and confidence skills.


Students will use thinking dispositions such as:


Gathering data through all senses

Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision

Creating, imagining and innovating

Thinking flexibly and responding with wonderment and awe


So what are you waiting for… Let the magic begin.