Arnold Zable


A former lecturer at Melbourne University as well as guest lecturing at other universities, Zable has worked in the USA, Papua New Guinea, China, and many parts of Europe and Southeast Asia.

His work regularly appears in The Age and other journals and he has written several works for theatre including Wanderers & Dreamers, tales of Yiddish Theatre.


Talks and Workshops

  • Secondary

Arnold Zable speaks and writes with passion about memory and history, displacement and community.

Talks can include the following:
– How I became a writer including the use of writing to deal with family tensions; as a process of self discovery and keeping journals to record experiences.
2. How to use family experiences in writing.
3. The craft of writing and storytelling, how to draft and refine articles.
4. Writing and Literature in Multicultural Australia.
5. Racism and tolerance, a talk based on personal anecdotes, stories and experiences.

Workshops can include:
1. How to draw upon one’s own experiences and observation in writing.
2. How to move from rough draft to finished work.
3. How to activate the imagination.
4. Writing in different styles from journalism to fiction.
5. Use of diaries and journals.

“Outstanding, compassionate, sensitive. The students were with him at every stage of his remarkable journey.”
Geelong Grammar, VIC