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Andreas Litras


Andreas Litras is a theatre creator, writer, director and performer with 20 years’ professional experience. He has toured extensively in theatres and schools throughout Australia, and overseas.

Whether performing for primary or secondary students, Andreas’s shows draw on his Greek heritage and history, blended with contemporary Australian experience.

His show Odyssey won the Drama Victoria award for Best Performance by a Theatre for Schools Company in 2000 and was selected for the VCE Drama Studies play list in 2002.

Andreas is also available for workshops with secondary students, where Andreas can share his experience and creativity with respect to performance making and schools and teachers can utilise his expertise. Themes include ‘constructing your own narrative’ & ‘monologue intensive’ – please enquire for more info.


Myths & Monsters: The Story of Odysseus

  • Primary

Based on the myths and legends of ancient Greece, this story traces the adventures of Odysseus, the hero of the Trojan War, as he tries to find his way back to his home in Ithaca and to his wife and son.

Odysseus’ journey home is no piece of cake: Tempted by Sirens and beautiful witches, threatened by Cyclops and monsters of all kinds, Odysseus has to use every ounce of his cunning and strength to arrive safely home.

This delightful rendering of the first Western story ever told is packed with participation and loaded with laughs amidst a magical mix of storytelling, puppetry, mask and mime. The Story of Odysseus is a fantastic introduction to the classics – as enthralling to prep students as it is to older primary students – and even their teachers!

“The kids haven’t stopped talking about this show… unanimous in praise and awe of Andreas who, in a bare hall with few props can bring this epic to life.” – Eltham PS, VIC


  • Secondary

One of the highlights of the 1998 Melbourne Festival, Andreas Litras’ remarkable solo show weaves the stories of Andreas’ migrant family through the legend of Odysseus, hero of Troy.

While Andreas shares his stories of family and fish n’ chips, it is the character of Karagiosi, the comic, wise cracking, stage manager who has the audience in hysterics with his own personal rendition of Homer’s Odyssey.

Journeys and characters cross paths as the performance moves between Greece and Australia, past and present and memory and imagination.

A triumph of storytelling, Odyssey celebrates what it means to find home.

“Excellent, a fantastic performer… very symbolic of the migrant’s experience”, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Vic