Simon Higgins


Simon Higgins was in law enforcement; as a police officer, prosecutor and finally as a licensed private investigator. He’s travelled extensively throughout Asia, particularly in Japan, competing three times there in the world titles of the martial art Iaidō. His published works include crime thrillers, adventure and speculative fiction, and are read by students from the final years of primary school through to year 12 and beyond. His first novel Doctor Id and his best-seller Thunderfish were CBC Notable Books of the Year.

Simon was been shortlisted for the Aurealis and Ned Kelly Awards and in 2008 won a Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Award. Several of his novels are studied as class texts throughout Australia or appear as excerpts in English textbooks. His work is published internationally, and he loves to speak and teach!

His Tomodachi and Moonshadow novels are ideal curriculum texts for Asian/Indigenous culture studies, with free teachers’ notes available on Simon’s website at

Simon now lives in China so Australian tour dates are extremely limited! He can now include Chinese language in his sessions. Simon is touring with his wife Jenny (Yuxiao) Wang, CEO of Crane Animation and the creator of Cocoa and Little Love, who can also do sessions on drawing Manga and creating characters, or talk about her life story in a talk ‘From Bamboo Grove to Boardroom’. Please note that Jenny is only available when Simon Higgins is also booked at the same venue.



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Meet the Author:

A lively, inspirational blend of personal adventure stories and creative writing tips.

Simon uses video footage, readings, images and great anecdotes to engage students, and can also give dazzling (and safe) martial arts demonstrations that tie-in with his work.

Japanese Culture & Language Studies Presentations:

Simon is an Ambassador for Asia Literacy with the Australian government’s Asia Education Foundation. He lives in China and also goes to Japan regularly to train in martial arts. His presentation includes Japanese customs, history and language. If encouraged, he can demonstrate the beautiful, traditional sword art of Iaido in schools wearing authentic samurai clothing. An ideal speaker for LOTE, history or cultural studies classes, he shares fascinating
anecdotes from time spent among samurai descendants who still honour their romantic


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Writing Workshops – for juniors and seniors:

Secrets of Short Story Writing:

Ideal skills for English, NAPLAN and curriculum exam short story writing. Simon covers Having a Road Map, Point of View, Scene Setting and Hooks, Show, Don’t Tell, and Characterization.

The Art of Openings:

Powerful techniques for starting a story that snares and intrigues while also foreshadowing the plot.

CSI Made Easy Workshop (for crime, mystery or legal studies students):

Simon explains crime scene investigation and demonstrates simplified CSI techniques like tape lifting (for hairs and fibres on a carpet or floor) and fingerprinting. The school needs a small amount of easily obtainable equipment: talcum powder, broad one-sided sticky tape, black cardboard, inexpensive magnifying glasses. Students can take home their fingerprint,
or display it in the library.