Scot Gardner


Scot wasn’t born reading and writing; he has worked as a waiter, masseur, delivery truck driver, home dad, counselor and musician. He’s also licensed to handle explosives and venomous snakes!

Kids and critics loved the honesty and authenticity of Wayne Armond, the main character in Scot’s first book One Dead Seagull, a voice developed and inspired through years of counseling and group work with disaffected youth. His novel, The Dead I Know, won the 2012 CBC Book of the Year Award for Older Readers.


Talks & Workshops

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Talks (Yrs 4-12, any number of participants)
His presentations are riotous and provocative and suitable for a broad audience. His talks use personal anecdotes, brief readings from his work and true showmanship to engage even the most recalcitrant members of the crowd.

Workshops (Yrs 4-12, class-sized groups)
Scot’s writing workshops (and his writing) rely heavily on oral storytelling traditions, personal narrative and passion.

Welfare Group Work with Young Men (Yrs 5-9, maximum group size 20)
Gender specific material developed through the ‘Footy, Beer and Girls’ program to challenge and inform small groups of at-risk young men.

Scot can also do staff personal development sessions.

“Scot’s high octane performance was both humourous and professional. He has a deep understanding of adolescence… Highly recommended.”
St Leonard