Sam Angelico


Regarded as one of the world’s greatest magicians, Sam Angelico won one of the highest accolades awarded to a magician with the title of “World Champion of Comedy Magic” in Madrid in 1985.

Sam Angelico elevates magic into an art form. His magic evolves naturally from the character he creates. Part clown, part mime and part magician, Sam’s performance has a dramatic intensity which transports his audience on a magical journey which is at times mysterious, poignant, hilariously funny and always exciting and totally engrossing.

Sam also works with partner magician Rosanna ‘Coco’ Maccarrone, one of the very few of a rare breed of professional international female magicians. Rosanna has been a professional in the world of children’s theatre for 20 years. She has also been a cultural exchange fellow representing Australia in India and Malaysia (also a Clown Doctor for fifteen years).

Both Sam and Rosanna are accomplished performers in the world of children’s theatre with literally thousands of performances throughout schools in Australia & theatre festivals for youth around the world.



  • Kinder
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Festivals

Children and youth of all ages from prep to year 12, will be totally enthralled and engaged in this wonderfully theatrical and magical presentation. The show never fails to transport the audience into a world of wonder, imagination and jaw-dropping amazement.

The Sam Angelico and Coco performance is a unique blend of magic, mime, clowning, Comedia D’larte and pure interactive theatre. Their show is highly engaging and has a great deal of audience participation.

Sam and Coco are also available for Workshops offering their “Create Wonder” teach-in, for all ages and levels of competency. This is a workshop, minimum 1 hour to a full day. This involves learning and performing some very wonderful, basic magic and theatrical skills.

“A polished performance from a dedicated artist. We would like to have him again next year.”
Reservoir District Secondary College, VIC