Mark Cain


Mark Cain is a highly regarded composer, performer, instrument maker and recording artist. He is a musical non-conformist whose career spans cross-cultural and experimental music, dance and theatre.

Based in WA, he is known for his use of PVC plumbing pipe and other industrial materials in his music. His former group AC/PVC established a national reputation. He is currently a member of Orchestra of the Global Nomads, the contemporary folk group Toucan Tango, the Balkan influenced trio Bulgarity and the Musica Viva schools touring group The Nova Ensemble Boxes Quartet.

As well as touring extensively in WA with his solo performance for schools, he is in great demand for workshops and residencies in instrument making, composition, improvisation and music for theatre.


World of PVC Music

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Mark Cain’s World of PVC Music celebrates the “joie de vivre” of musical discovery. Materials
such as the humble plumber’s drain pipe and other recyclable plastics are used to create a
wondrous orchestra of outrageous and innovative wind and percussion instruments.

With its emphasis on hands-on participation, experimentation and listening, this entertaining
presentation also offers students the opportunity to:

• Gain an insight into how instruments are made and played.
• Learn some of the science of instrument making and sound production.
• Participate in playing instruments from Mark’s Plastic Fantastic Orchestra.

“Students were captivated by Mark’s performances and highly involved in his demonstrations. He had genuine enthusiasm and excitement for his craft and working with the children. He sparked teachers to further explore music through integrated curriculum.”
Glen Forest PS