Gillian Eastoe & Terry Murray


Gillian Eastoe was named in the Australian Book of Rock ‘n’ Roll as a top performer and has performed on stage with many greats including Tom Waits, Jimmy Barnes, Rose Tattoo, Air Supply and Jon English.

Terry Murray was born in England and played guitar with Thunderclap Newman. He has performed with such legends as Tom Jones, Randy Crawford, Tommy Emmanuel and Jimmy Barnes.



What Style

  • Primary

Gillian combines her vast experience in radio, television and live music with a vibrant personality and outstanding talent to light up every face in your school from Prep to Principal!

Using popular nursery rhyme, favourite songs from her albums, props, costumes and a succession of eager volunteers, she improvises her way through a diversity of musical styles including blues, opera, country, punk, jazz, pop, rock and rap and more.

“Exhilarating, energetic, relevant, enthusiastic, educational!”
Le Fevre PS, SA

Sounds Like Rock!

  • Secondary

Kicking off with a high energy, well known Rock ‘n’ Roll song, Sounds Like Rock then takes a leap back to the musical influences which formed Rock ‘n’ Roll such as Blues, Country & Western and Gospel.

Terry & Gilly explore how the music evolved to give rock its unmistakable edge through the introduction of the solid body guitar by Leo Fender in the 50’s and then the invention of pedals and sound effects.

They also cover the influence of the major bands such as The Beatles, Cream, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones & female rock legends such as Janis Joplin, Tina Turner and Dusty Springfield.

“Unbelievable! To see our whole school so motivated, active and involved was something I had not seen except at sporting carnivals. A brilliant performance that was talked about for a long time after.”
Batchelor Area School, NT

We Love Rock 'n' Roll

  • Primary

This informative and visually delightful performance encourages constant audience participation. It introduces audiences to the sounds of the Rock ‘n’ Roll through three major eras, the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s and highlights the fashions, the hairstyles and the dances that grew from its influence.

“Outstanding! We all loved every minute of it. Brilliant choice of music, student involvement the whole time. They didn’t want to leave the room. Delightful, exciting, fantastic.”
Dana St PS, VIC

Artists in Residency

  • Primary

Gilly & Terry prepare your school concert! Working with your students (3, 4 or 5 days depending on the school size), teaching dances and songs in different styles, and using simple ideas for props and costumes sent weeks prior to the concert. With plenty of time to prepare, the production can be as simple or complicated as the school resources allow and still have maximum effect, since it is the sheer delight of the kids themselves, in having achieved such a fun production and all the excitement that goes with the actual night… getting into their costumes and makeup… the theatre filling with audience… the butterflies tickling inside, and of course… their moment on stage.

Gilly & Terry can cater for small or large schools with the addition or subtraction of any of the song and dance choices. Whatever you choose, you will have a fantastic visual show full of music, dance, history and, most importantly, fun!

Gilly and Terry never cease to be amazed at how even the most nervous or doubtful child still somehow gets that sudden wonderful ability to walk out and DO IT TO PERFECTION! WOW!☺