You may have seen World Famous Magician Cosentino on Australia’s Got Talent, or when he won Dancing with the Stars, or watched his TV shows which were broadcast world wide. Or you may have attended one of his Theatre Spectaculars.

Cosentino grew up in Melbourne as a shy young boy with learning difficulties, teased and isolated; yet he has gone on to become one of Australia’s most acclaimed entertainers – indeed one of the worlds greatest magicians, with an international reputation as winner of the Merlin Award 2013.

His unique story is now a best selling book by Harper Collins, ‘Anything is Possible’, and he is in great demand as an inspirational speaker in the corporate world.


An Inspirational Presentation

  • Secondary

Now Cosentino gives students a once in a lifetime opportunity.  He pulls back the curtain and shares the secrets of his success.  Within this 50-minute presentation and 10-minute Q&A, Cosentino takes the audience through his personal journey and illustrates how ‘Creativity’, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Motivation’, and ‘Following your own Path’ have made him one of Australia’s favourite entertainers.

Cosentino will amplify these four key messages with performance of magic and illusions during his presentation.  This is an uplifting and wholly compelling story that has now been turned into a Harper Collins best selling book.

It’s a story for anyone who ever dreamed of achieving the impossible.  It will leave students amazed, motivated and inspired.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to catch this truly amazing individual.

“The best show we have ever had. It receives our highest recommendation”

Ben Laurie, Burnie HS, TAS